The 1700% Project

My name is Anida Yoeu Ali and I am an artist collaborating on a series of projects focused on bringing attention to the rise of hate crimes against the Muslim community.

The 1700% Project currently includes a poem, video, and performance/installation. This project is an act of intervention against the racial profiling of Muslims in a post 9/11 era. This project challenges monological stereotypes of a “Muslim” identity and simultaneously acknowledges the resonance of historical persecution.  The text, a performance poem titled “1700%” by Anida Yoeu Ali, is an unapologetic response to injustices directed at the Muslim community. The poem is a Cento (100 lines of found writings) based on filed reports of hate and bias crimes against Arabs, Muslims and those perceived to be Arab or Muslim since the events of September 11, 2001. These multi-faceted artistic approaches serve to educate the wider public about the diversity within the Muslim Ummah and the dangers of racially-motivated fears.

We are currently looking for participants and crew to be part of this critical project.


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