when you can’t find a word to fit a definition then…you make up your own


I decided to engage in a bit of neologism and made up this word based on combining the words, iterance, utterance and otherness. I believe that racial profiling & scapegoating are violent forms of  “othering” deeply rooted in xenophobia and is a tool used throughout history to control and maintain power structures. My definition of otherance is the repeated view and/or expression of perceived strangeness or difference

ut·ter·ance n

1.    something said or emitted as a vocal sound
2.    the expression of something, especially in speech or vocal sound
3.    a style, power, or way of speaking
4.    the act of saying something

oth·er·ness n
the condition of being perceived as strange or different

it·er·a·tion n
1.    an instance or the act of doing something again.

Also called iterance
2.    a process of achieving a desired result by repeating a sequence of steps and successively getting closer to that result
3.    the repetition of a sequence of instructions in a computer program until a result is achieved
4.    a different version of something, especially a new version of existing computer hardware or software


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