1700% Citation: The Project Catalyst

If you would like to see reference the 1700% Project’s source, please see the research below.   UNITED STATES “WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY” 
Hate Crimes Against Arabs, Muslims,
 and Those Perceived to be Arab or Muslim after September 11; published by Human Rights Watch November 2002 Volume 14, No . 6 (G) Website: http://www.hrw.org/reports/2002/usahate/ … Continue reading

9/11…In moments of crisis, positions become clear.

Peace everyone, I wanted to share some thoughts with you as we reflect on the 9th anniversary of 9/11 attacks. This was something I started writing after 9/11/01 and recently finished as part of my manifesto. Please read and feel free to share with others. 9/11…In moments of crisis, positions become clear. Islam. The war on … Continue reading

Letter(s) to the Deans

Friday May 21 update: Regarding my initial requests, here’s how SAIC has responded: 1.) Make a public announcement sent to all students and the community addressing the current situation including specific details of the vandalism and the Institute’s official response to the event. SAIC sent an email from the dean’s office 72 hours after the … Continue reading

Articulating the assault

My work as a performance/installation had a course, a direction, an aesthetic and conceptual framework – all of which has been disrupted and ruptured because of a vulgar act of defacement on Tuesday May 11, 2010. Beyond irony is how I would describe the act of defacement. What would provoke someone to enact hate upon … Continue reading


This is the image before the defacement taken after the opening performance on April 30, 2010 [Please note: another performance took place on May 6, 2010 at 9am in which some words on the upper portion of the wall were stained with horizontal motions with a rags.] Below are images of the wall installation taken … Continue reading

NPR appearance on “Worldview”

here’s the link to my interview on NPR/Wbez’s Worldview This is part of Worldview’s latest focus on Islamic Reform and identity. My segment is about American Muslims using art as a vehicle for expression and social change. The program will have repeat air time Mon thru Fri @12pm, Mon thru Thu @9pm. And they will … Continue reading

“1700% Project: Mistaken for Muslim” Video

We entered our video into the OneChicagoOne Nation contest and this is the last week to Vote (Voting ends May 9th). We need everyone who likes this work and believes in this critical project to vote 5 stars for it! If you have multiple email addresses, you can vote as many times as you have … Continue reading

Final performance rehearsal

I am so thrilled to be working with such amazing and talented group of people. Thank you Amina, Jorge, Clover, and Cristal for all the energies and nuances they are bringing to this work. These are images from our rehearsal as all the pieces are falling into place. As I told them last night: Language … Continue reading

Iteration: Performance/Installation @Sullivan Galleries

“1700% Project: Otherance” Performance/Installation: 100 lines composed from filed hate crimes, white vinyl letters, pristine white gallery wall, stain, rags, 4 bowls, and 4 live bodies enacting memorized text…exposed over time. Conceived, Written, and Directed by Anida Yoeu Ali performed by Amina Demir, Jorge Felix, Clover Morell, and Cristal Sabbagh Sullivan Galleries 33 S. State … Continue reading

when you can’t find a word to fit a definition then…you make up your own

Otherance I decided to engage in a bit of neologism and made up this word based on combining the words, iterance, utterance and otherness. I believe that racial profiling & scapegoating are violent forms of  “othering” deeply rooted in xenophobia and is a tool used throughout history to control and maintain power structures. My definition … Continue reading