Performance Script

1700% – “Otherance” Performance Script
revised 4/19/10

Original Performers:
V1 (voice 1)= Jorge Felix V2 (voice 2)=Amina Demir,
V3 (voice 3)=Cristal Sabbagh V4 (voice 4) =Clover Morell

Note: Each performer will begin with their own personal epigraph (an event/memorable moment that contextualizes their personal relationship to violence). The following narratives are written and based on the above performers’ personal experiences.

V3 (cristal):
I was 4 years old when I watched the KKK terrorize families on TV.
I was 4 when my family’s car stopped at a red light in Mississippi.
I screamed and hollered when I noticed two cardinal klan’s men on the side of the road.
In my 4 year old mind these men were going to kill all of us!

V1 (Jorge):
The feds invaded my home at 2am. They were looking to stop me from speaking…
from showing artwork by Puerto Rican political prisoners. As a curator, I know art incites
in ways that can both threaten and uphold our freedoms.

V4 (Clover):
I have been witness to oppression since I was a child, far before I could swallow it’s sharp form.
I cannot be free unless I stand for everyone’s freedom. I will not forget the taste of your hatred.

V2 (Amina)
I am no longer the great great grandaughter of a man brought to the US on slave ships.
I am no longer a daughter of a Kurdish freedom fighter from south eastern Turkey.
9/11 made me just like them. A stereotype. A terrorist. A towel head.

Alternate Voice (Anida)
Luck…circumstance…destiny…my father lived through a genocide.
His sheer will to live in the face of near annihilation is a statement.
Our family’s survival is a statement against violence.

V1: Awoke to signs,
V2: “TERRORISTS” sprayed in red paint across their family’s driveway,
V3: “TERRORIST ON BOARD” written on their white car.

V1: Awoke to find,
V4: freeway sign says, “KILL ALL ARABS”
V2: elevator sign says, “KILL ALL TOWEL HEADS”

V4: A Pakistani living in L.A.
V4 + V1: awoke to find his car scratched
V4 + V1 + V2: across the right side with the words

V1: Awoke to find 300 march on a mosque in Bridgeview, IL
V2: 300 American flags shout “USA! USA!”
V2: (keeps repeating softly in background) USA! USA! USA!
V1: Mosque awoke to find a 19-year-old shouting
V2: “I’m proud to be American, I hate Arabs and I always have.”

V3: Firebomb tossed,
V4: Taxi driver pulled out and beaten,
V3: Vandals in Collingswood, N.J. attacked two Indian-owned businesses.
V4: Vandals spray-painted

V1: Awoke to find a South Asian American,
V1+V2: Sikh,
V2: chased by a group of four men yelling
V2: Sikh mistaken for Muslim

V3: Back up.
V4: Sikh man, 69, shot.
V1: Body found in a canal.
V2: He had a turban on.
V3: Turban mistaken for Muslim.

V4: A vehicle of white males, followed and harassed a 21 yr old female. Attackers yelled,
V4+V2: “Go back to your own country!”
V2: The attackers’ car pinned her against another vehicle.
V2+V3: Then they backed up
V3: and ran over her again.
Kimberly— a 21 year old.
V3+V1: Back up.
V1: A 21 year old full blood Creek—
V1+V3: Back up.
V3: Full blood
V2: Creek
V1: Native American
V4: mistaken for Muslim.

V1: Awoke to find,
V2: a Pakistani native beaten by three men.
V2+V3: Back up.
V3: Egyptian American, 48, killed point-blank.
V3+V4: Back up.
V4: Sikh man, 49 shot.
V4+V1: Shooter shouted,
V4: “I stand for America all the way.”

V1+V2: Back up.
V2: A man pushing a baby stroller walked by a mosque
He stopped and started yelling,
V1: “You Islamic mosquitoes should be killed.”
V2: Mosquito mistaken for Muslim.

V1: Awoke to find
V3: two women speaking Spanish in a doctor’s office.
Another woman yells,
V4: “You foreigners caused all this trouble,”
V3: Spanish speaker beaten.
V2: Spanish mistaken for Muslim.

V1: Awoke to be mistaken.
V2: A woman wearing Muslim clothing was shopping.
V3: A Caucasian woman began attacking her and shouts,
V4: “America is only for white people.”

V3+V2: Back up.
V2: America? mistaken for white people?

(in this section each voice will begin just before the prior voice completes their line)
V4: Armed man sets fire to a Seattle mosque.
V1: 300 march on a mosque in Bridgeview, IL.
V2: Mosques in Texas attacked.
V3: Muslim student at Arizona State University attacked.
V1: Afghan restaurant in Fremont attacked.
V4: Two suspects wrote “die” on a Persian Club booth.
(end ‘cut off’)

V3: A gasoline bomb is thrown through the window of a Sikh family’s home,
hitting a 3-year-old in the head.

V2: Two women at a bagel store,
V2+V4: attacked
V4: for wearing a Quranic charm around her neck.
V2 +V3: Attacker lunges and yells,
V3: “Look what you people have done to my people”
V2: No one in the store tried to help.

V1: Two women
V1: awoke to find an explosion
V1: from a cherry bomb
V1: outside the Islamic Center of San Diego.
V1 +V3: San Diego mistaken for Muslim.
V3: “Look what you people have done to my people.”
V1: 300 march on a mosque in Bridgeview, IL.
V1 +V2+V4: No one tried to help. (voice 2 keeps repeating in background)
V2+V4: Sign says, “KILL ALL ARABS”
V4+V3: Sign says, “KILL ALL TOWEL HEADS”
V3: Towels mistaken for Muslim
V1,V2,V4: No one tried to help
V1,V3,V4: Vandals attack
V1,V2,V4: No one tried to help
V1,V3,V4: He had a turban on
V1,V2,V4: No one tried to help (voice 2 ends repetition of line)
V4: Sign says, “Look what you people have done.”
V4,V3: Flags wave in an Afghan restaurant
ALL: 300 march (voice 1 begins to repeat Spanish in background)
V4,V3,V2: against Spanish
V3,V2: spoken at a doctor’s office
V1+V4: Spanish mistaken for Muslim
ALL: 300 march
V1,V2,V3: on two women
V3,V2: at a bagel store V3,V2: (voice 1 ends Spanish)
V4,V3,V2: Bagels mistaken for Muslim
V1,V4: 300 wave
V3,V4: cherry Bombs
V3,V2: march on 300 Sikhs
V2,V1: hitting a 3-year-old in the head.

V3: what you people have done!

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