1700% – Original Text

February 19, 1942. Executive Order 9066 authorized the U.S military to incarcerate 112,000 Japanese Americans into ten internment camps, many of whom were second and third generation American citizens.

March 28, 2003. The FBI created the first ever Arab American Advisory Committee following an increase of 1700 percent in reported hate and bias crimes against Arabs, Muslims and those perceived to be Arab or Muslim since the events of September 11, 2001.


A cento based on hate crimes filed shortly after 9/11

Awoke to signs, “TERRORISTS”
sprayed in red paint across their family’s driveway, “TERRORIST
ON BOARD” written on their white car.

Awoke to find, freeway sign says, “KILL
ALL ARABS” elevator sign says, “KILL

A Pakistani living in L.A.
awoke to find his car scratched
across the right side with the words “NUKE ‘EM!”

Awoke to find 300
march on a mosque in Bridgeview, IL   300
American flags shout “USA! USA!”
Mosque awoke to find a 19-year-old shouting
“I’m proud to be American, I hate
Arabs and I always have.”

Firebomb tossed,
Taxi driver pulled out and beaten,
Vandals in Collingswood, N.J. attacked
two Indian-owned businesses.
Vandals spray-painted “LEAVE TOWN”

Awoke to find
a South Asian American, Sikh,
chased by a group of four men yelling “TERRORIST.”
Sikh mistaken for Muslim

Back up.
Sikh man, 69, shot. Body
found in a canal. He had a turban on.
Turban mistaken for Muslim.

A vehicle of white males,
followed and harassed a 21 yr old female. Attackers
yelled, “Go back to your own country!”
The attackers’ car pinned her against another vehicle. Then
they backed up and ran over her again. Kimberly—
a 21 year old. Back up.
A 21 year old full blood Creek—Back up.
Full blood Creek Native American mistaken for Muslim.

Awoke to find,
a Pakistani native beaten by three men. Back up.
Egyptian American, 48, killed point-blank. Back up.
Sikh man, 49 shot.
Shooter shouted, “I stand for America all the way.”

Back up. A man pushing a baby stroller walked by a mosque
He stopped and started yelling, “You
Islamic mosquitoes should be killed.”
Mosquito mistaken for Muslim.

Awoke to find two women speaking Spanish in a doctor’s office.
Another woman yells, “You foreigners
caused all this trouble,”
Spanish speaker beaten.
Spanish mistaken for Muslim.

Awoke to be mistaken.
A woman wearing Muslim clothing was shopping.
A Caucasian woman began attacking her and shouts,
“America is only for white people.”

Back up. America? mistaken for white people?

Armed man sets fire to a Seattle mosque.
300 march on a mosque in Bridgeview, IL.
Mosques in Texas attacked.
Muslim student at Arizona State University attacked.
Afghan restaurant in Fremont attacked.
Two suspects wrote “die” on a Persian Club booth.

A gasoline bomb is thrown through the window
of a Sikh family’s home, hitting
a 3-year-old in the head.

Two women at a bagel store, attacked
for wearing a Quranic charm around her neck.
Attacker lunges and yells, “Look
what you people have done to my people”
No one in the store tried to help.

Two women
awoke to find
an explosion from a cherry bomb
outside the Islamic Center of San Diego.
San Diego mistaken for Muslim.
“Look what you people have done to my people.” 300 march on a mosque in Bridgeview, IL. No one tried to help. Sign says, “KILL ALL ARABS” Sign says, “KILL ALL TOWEL HEADS” Towels mistaken for Muslim No one tried to help Vandals attack No one tried to help He had a turban on No one tried to help Sign says, “Look what you people have done.” Flags wave in an Afghan restaurant 300 march against Spanish spoken at a doctor’s office Spanish mistaken for Muslim 300 march on two women at a bagel store Bagels mistaken for Muslim 300 wave cherry Bombs march on 300 Sikhs hitting a 3-year-old in      the           head.

LOOK!      what you people have done!

©2010  Anida Yoeu Ali

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